Boost Your Business Prospects With Custom Android Application Development

As a versatile mobile operating system based on the Linux kernel, Google Android development has been going places since it was first introduced in 2008. It has been primarily designed for touch-screen mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets and is being increasingly used for other high-end Android applications such as televisions, cars, games consoles, digital cameras, watches, and other electronic equipments.

For this reason, custom Android application development services have gained high prominence around the world. Android has proved to be a convenient development platform for mobile devices because of the secure environment that it provides along with the openness and thorough support of Google. Hence, Android is a complete mobile operating system.

Custom Android application development services now covers a vast spectrum of categories such as multimedia, travel, Internet, eCommerce, games and other areas. The market for Android apps is steadily rising because of the increasing popularity of Android smart phones and the ease of use of Android apps.

Since Android is an open-source OS, it is opening up several possibilities for third party developers keen on exploiting the open-source nature of Android and taking Android development a step further. Thus, the prospects for Android development are now potentially infinite as more and more unique Android apps are being created every day. Android comes with a large collection of libraries to extend an application’s potential. The Android Software Development Kit also provides developers several ways of creating unique and interactive apps for Android enthusiasts around the world.

Android takes the possibility of custom development much further than any other mobile OS. Written in Java and C++, Android comes packaged as a group of programs especially for mobile devices. Android offers highly advanced possibilities in the form of features such as:

>> Messaging
>> Web browser
>> Voice based features
>> Multi-touch
>> Multitasking
>> Screen capture
>> Video calling
>> Multiple language support
>> Accessibility
>> Connectivity
>> Bluetooth
>> Tethering
>> Streaming media support
>> Media support
>> External storage
>> Hardware support
>> Java support
>> Handset layouts
>> Storage

These features make Android the most preferable mobile development platform for developers around the world. Custom Android application development therefore has the potential and the ability to expand the frontiers of your business manifold. Android offers you several possibilities ranging from simplifying your business processes to managing your business profitably. As a business person, you can effectively leverage the power and versatility of Android to make the next powerful move in your business. Day-to-day tasks such as advertising your business, attracting new customers and increasing your customer base, making additional sales, and spreading the awareness about your brand become more simplified with the help of custom Android apps.

Today, several companies offer custom Android development services to provide you a scalable and robust Android app. However, it is very essential for the Android developers associated with these companies to be extremely professional and talented in their work. Android development requires a high level of ingenuity and imagination as well. An exposure to several verticals across a cross section of industries is also advantageous. In a nutshell, a technically sound development team is crucial to your Android app success and consequently the success of your own business.

Gesture Technology and User Interface

Exploring New Frontiers of Technology
Like touch user interface, gesture based input is having its moment to bask in the sun. Gesture recognition technology has wide-ranging prospects for the future when it comes to exploring new dimensions in user interface development. Some experts believe that it will transform the identity of coding forever just as touch user interface was able to do just a few years ago.

What is Gesture Technology?
This novel technology provides an interface that does not need the support of a device. It is a virtual world to which the user is connected digitally with the help of a gesture recognition user interface. Gesture literally sets the sky as the limit for developers and there are endless possibilities for the user too.

Future Development and Application Prospects
There is an army of software developers who have their keen eyes on this new technology waiting to apply it to gaming. This is especially the case for software and applications developers for mobile phones and handheld devices such as iPhone and Android, where the fruits to harvest in the future seem to be abundant. Already, a handful of software developers have set to work to develop gesture driven software and gaming applications for Android phones.

Technologies Used to Complete ‘Gesture’
These applications, they say will make use of sensor hooks such as accelerometers, magnetometers and gyroscopes with the help of which it will effectively translate human motion into commands. For example, the Android Gingerbread allows the user to input commands into 9-axis motion sensors. In addition, many people are all too familiar with the Wii technology introduced to the gaming consoles by Nintendo. The Wii controller used in-built sensors to translate human movement and actions into commands.

The Consumer Electronics Show
However, it must be added here that gesture recognition is rapidly gaining popularity and there are new frontiers where developers are thinking of applying this technology. This year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) saw countless natural user interface (NUI) systems on display for the public. Among the companies boasting to have effectively integrated this new technology into consumer electronics were technology giants like LG, Panasonic and Samsung.

In the show, many consumers were curious to see LG doing marketing of its novel Magic Motion, a remote controller for their “Infina” series of flat screen 3D/LCD HD Televisions. Magic Motion boasts a gyroscope as well as a graphical user interface software both of which help the user input remote commands by simply making gestures with their hands. TCL and Hisense, leading Chinese television manufacturing companies also took part in the exhibition as a means of marketing their gesture-based remote control technology.

Truth is Stranger than Science-fiction
The Digital market has been indicating that it is almost done with the process of developing ground-breaking gesture based applications that will defy human comprehension. Further details as to the actual nature of the applications and their functions have not been disclosed yet and the public is having high expectations as to whether the application will be something on the lines of gesture-based smart input technology that was witnessed in the movie Minority Report. For now we can only wait with bated breath until the time that these applications are finally made available to the public.